Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wale (Ft.Lady Gaga) - Chillin

Just noticed this song pop up on the forums; it's is called Chillin' and is actually very different and may be worth a few listens. It is from his upcoming album Attention: Deficit. Personally I hate Wale's rapping, it sounds generic and samey, however Lady Gaga really saves the song with her M.I.A-esque singing/rapping. He gives a shout out to M.I.A in the song, perhaps it was meant to be her on it?

IMHO Wale adds nothing to the track; his style has been used and used and killed over the last ten years. The only reason why Kanye West and Lil' Wayne survived is because they've changed direction. Artists like Nas and 50 cent, who refuse to move away from monotonously rapping over a looping melody, have crashed and burned. Having Gaga may breathe a bit of life into this track, but the other three quarters of it is plain boring to listen to. Next.

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MusicalEar said...

looping melody = 'ostinato'