Friday, 13 March 2009

Cassie's New Single Leaks

Cassie is set to premiere her brand new single Must Be Love (Ft. Diddy) tomorrow. It comes following the flop that was Official Girl (and rightly so; it was a horrible song). The MySpace rip has leaked out early onto the Internet which I have posted for download below. I will update it with the HQ when it inevitably slips onto the net.

The song seems to have been met with low opinions, but I happen to quite enjoy it. I love everything she touches, and I guess I was just very relieved it wasn't a cover of that reggae song of the same name from decades ago!


onliHUMAN said...

here's the Cassie Rip from her Myspace

Maximus said...

wow thank you! i've updated the link! :)