Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Beyonce's Next Singles Are..

Beyonce has filmed the videos for her next dual release singles, the names of which you can find out below:

Beyonce has also finished two new music videos to keep fans happy while she's crisscrossing the globe: Broken-Hearted Girl, from the ballad-heavy I Am... half of her recent double album, and ...Sasha Fierce's up-tempo Ego. Beyonce co-directed the latter clip with her choreographer. "My goal for [the 'Ego' video] is simplicity," she says. "In Single Ladies, I saw this old tape of Bob Fosse's wife, and I used that as inspiration. I thought in this world, with all the technology and everything that's going on, to strip everything down -- great idea. So I kind of did the same thing, but glossy and black, for 'Ego.'"
One thing that the video for Ego won't share with Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is a certain animatronic appendage. "I didn't have the Sasha Fierce hand [in the video]," she laughs. "But I have it on the tour. It's actually even more wild -- I have to figure out how I'm going to perform with that hand!"

I'm not particularly a fan of Broken-Hearted Girl, although I feel Ego sounds like a sure-fire radio hit - especially with the much-rumored Kanye West feature. Aso, how many singles do you think the Sasha Fierce era can handle? Two more? Or will she pull a Rihanna and go to ten?

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Anonymous said...

I Heard she was gonna do like what she did with
B-DAY and make all the songs singles! =)