Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Keri Hilson

Okay, I'm not going to hate on Keri Hilson....after all she si behind the masterpieces that are Gimme More and Break The Ice. However, her debut album release has been messy to put it lightly. We have had single after single after buzz single after promo single and it's getting a bit silly. Anyway, she has now set a date of April 24th which she seems intent on keeping. To support the release, she is putting out another track called Slow Dance. As you will probably guess by the name, it is a slow ballad, and is nowhere near strong enough to ensure good first week sales ofthe album in my opinion.

Download / Slow Dance

It's very simple, I don't understand why artists don't get that the first single nearly always needs to be uptempo (Umbrella, So What, Womanizer and Right Round are perfect examples) with a decent bassline and unforgettable hook, otherwise the whole album will crash and burn. After a successfull first single, then there is room for some slower more creative songs if need be.

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