Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rumoured Britney Tour Setlist

ACT I: Superwoman
Break The Ice video
Shattered Glass

ACT 2: Paparazzi
Mona Lisa video
Lucky (soul)
Medley: My Prerogative / Oops!... I Did It Again
Kill The Lights
Piece of Me

ACT 3: Amy / club
If U Seek Amy video
Do Somethin' / Freakshow medley
Get Naked
Me Against The Music video (possible Madonna appearance)
Slave 4 U / Mannequin medley
If U Seek Amy (2 versions)

ACT 4: Afterparty
Blur video
Unusual You
Mmm Papi

ACT 5: Classical
My Baby, piano
Sometimes, choir?
Out From Under

ACT 6: Circus
It's Britney, bitch video
Gimme MoreToxic
Baby One More Time
Circus (encore)

OMG! Also it looks like they have given away the forth single from Circus; notice it says 'Blur video'!!

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