Friday, 7 November 2008

The Sun Newspaper on 'Circus'' has had a sneak peak at Britney's upcoming album Circus (Left), out on Britney's birthday, December 2nd.
"If You See Amy:" The title If You Seek Amy, seems innocuous enough, but it has an entirely different meaning.It goes: "All the boys and all the girls want to if you seek Amy." That clearly doesn't make much sense.What you hear, though, is the quite shocking statement: "All the boys and all the girls want to fuck me."It's a great track. A stomping robo pop number with clattering kettle drums and Brit being quite frank about the opinion she holds of herself.

"Kill The Lights:" Kill The Lights focuses on the star's relationship with the paparazzi, the lights referring to flash bulbs. It's a brilliant disco banger with an elastic bass line and plenty of spooky keyboard work.During Kill The Lights Brit addresses her camera-toting tormentors with the brilliant line: "Is that money in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"The collection's title track sees Brit morphing ever closer to Madonna. Circus has more than a passing resemblance to the industrial hip-hop-powered tracks on Hard Candy.

"Out From Under:" "Her marriage meltdown is tackled on Out From Under and Brit seems mighty relieved to be shot of Kevin Federline.She sings: "We tried everything we could try so let's just say goodbye forever."It's a stirring break-up ballad up there with the best."How long before the album leaks?

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