Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Circus Vs. The Circus


Britney's chances of getting a number 1 album in the UK are slim.Take That's new album The Circus is set to be a supermarket's fastest selling day one release ever. Asda said that nearly 20,000 copies would be sold by the end of trading on Monday, smashing the previous record set by Leona Lewis last year who sold 13,000 on day one.

In the battle of the charts, Take That are outselling Britney Spears's album - also called Circus - by 14 to one at the supermarket, following her X Factor performance on Saturday, which drew criticism.

Take That's single Greatest Day flew straight into the number one slot on the UK Top 40 singles chart this weekend.The Circus was named the most pre ordered album ever in the UK with 5 people ordering Take That's album to 1 of Britneys.

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